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Facials and Waxing and Men's  waxing 

Eyebrow Waxing

$25   Includes light cleans, light oil prep to prevent drag and sticking,  toner, light moisture ans a 5 minute face massage.
$25 eyebrow or eyelash tint.

Body Waxing:  Legs and Underarm Waxing,  All gender, Men's body waxing

$75   Includes cleanse, prep oil to prevent drag and sticking.  toner, toner and moisture.

Back $ $100 Shoulders $85, Chest $100


$85 Basic   $35 Peels   $35 extractions

Includes custom double cleanse, custom make and serums and a 30 minute facial massage.

I prefer to use natural methods to exfoliate, no machines except for steam as needed.